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Parents etiquette

What’s encouraged

  • Be specific about the job responsibilities.
  • Always pay your nanny on time and at the rate that was mutually agreed upon.
  • Make sure your children respect your nanny.
  • Always work hand-in-hand with your nanny with regards to your children‘s development and anything new that you might be trying to avoid confusion and to ensure.
  • Return home on time or call ahead if you know you will be late.
  • Try to be home about 15 minutes early so your nanny can not only handover but also discuss her day with you with important information pertaining to your children.
  • Give your nanny plenty of notice if you need to change the current arrangements.
  • Offer positive feedback and discuss the things you don’t like.

What’s discouraged

  • Children bonding with the nanny is very common, so don't let that bother you.
  • If a problem or situation arises, communicate in an open manner with the nanny to resolve the issue, rather than being aggressive or completely passive about it.
  • It‘s not very nice to compare your current nanny to a previous one, as that can come across as being rude.
  • Making amendments or changes without informing / discussing them in detail with the nanny can affect its success and also seem condescending to the nanny.