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Types of services

Day time Nanny/ Occassional Care

This service is very handy for parents who need a nanny occasionally. When schedules are hectic and other commitments arise, it makes it difficult to lock in permanent times for both nanny and the family.
An Occasional Nanny can be expected to work with very little notice – which requires both parties to be fairly flexible, duties and responsibilities are similar to those of a Full time or Part time Nanny.

Part Time Nanny

warranty 2 months

A Part time Nanny is similar to a Full time Nanny but works less hours, the expectation would be about 2 - 3 days a week, generally from 9am to 5pm with an earlier start and later finish if required.
The working hours and responsibilities for a part time Nanny will vary from family to family, but less hours do not mean less responsibilities.

Full Time Nanny

warranty 2 months

A full time Nanny is usually expected to work 4-5 days a week, starts between 7-9am and finishes between 6-8pm, the duties and responsibilities are adjustable to cater to requirements.
The nanny may be asked to work more than 5 days a week but this can vary from family to family and their agreement with their preferred professional.

Weekend Nanny

Weekend care may be permanent or sporadic according to the parent‘s needs.
A Weekend Nanny is usually requested for a very busy and growing family. This type of care can be useful for parents if they have young children and need an extra set of hands at a function or want to spend some time out of the house with their older children. Parents may also want to have a break from time to time or go out, engage in activities such as sports, socialising & shopping.
This type of Nanny can be expected to work from 3 hours to 12 hours.
Overnight stays might also be an option in weekend care.

Before/After School Care

warranty 1 month

After school care is a very common need for many parents. Often work commitments or more than one child won’t allow parents to make it on time in the morning or for the afternoon school run.
After school care can be expected to include- picking the children up from school, preparing snacks, helping with homework as well as walking or driving them to various activities if required. In some cases, parents may require a nanny to help get the kids ready for school in the morning, prepare their lunch box and then walk/drive them to school.
Before school Nanny hours may range from 7:00am to 10:00am whilst after school hours generally range from 3:00pm to 6-7pm.
Even though after school is a time for children to unwind – the Nanny has lot to do, such as helping children with their homework and/or various school projects, preparing dinner, assist with bath time etc. but most of the time After care is a combination of both fun and responsibilities.

Evening babysitting

Do you feel like sometimes you just need time for yourself or you would like to go to a dinner with your friends or your partner? Evening babysitting is usually required from 6-7 pm and a nanny looks after your children while you are out. The Nanny’s responsibility is to always make sure, children are safe, help them follow their routine such as bath time, dinner and a bedtime

Overnight babysitting

Overnight babysitter usually comes to your house around 8 pm but can also start earlier. The babysitter can assist with evening routines such as getting children ready for bed and then stay over till the morning, usually till 8 am or until the parents or their Daytime nanny is back.

Last minute babysitting

Last minute babysitter is usually an occasional babysitter, who is looking after your child when he/she is sick, or any other unexpected situation arises in a last minute and you contact Best Nannies with a request for a babysitter 8 hours or even less prior to the desired time.

Mother`s Help

A mother`s help assists a parent in the care of their children whilst under the parents supervision. The helper might be also asked to help with other household duties such as meal preparation, running of errands and some light housework or shopping. One of the parents is usually present but the carer can be also left in sole charge for short periods of time.
Typically a mother's help is a young nanny building up their experience.

Proxy Parent

A Proxy Parent is typically an experienced nanny who lives in and takes responsibility for the children while their parents are away on holiday, business trips etc. A Proxy Parent ensures that the day-to-day routine of the child is followed with most importance being given to the child's safety, development and well being.

Au pair

warranty 2 months

Au Pair is a young person willing to go overseas to spend time with a native family in order to learn / improve their language skills and get to know a new culture. In exchange for being accepted as part of the family an Au Pair will take care of the children and assist the family with some light housework. Some of them may not be experienced in child care but due to their young age they are usually very energetic and active with the children. They live in and should always have their own bedroom, this is a cheaper option for a family to look after their children as they provide accommodation / food and a little pocket money, the hours will vary and will be based on a mutual agreement, however the parents must bear in mind the partial loss to their privacy as they will be sharing their house with their Au pair.

Temporary Nanny

Parents may need a "Temporary nanny" when their current nanny is sick or if she is on annual leave or some other circumstances arrise. Also if one of the parents have to leave for work for a few weeks and family needs some extra help. Parents usually required Temporary nanny for 1 week up to 2 months.

The working hours and responsibilities for a Temporary nanny will vary from family to family.