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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay or is it free to register?

Yes! It is free for Babysitters, Nannies and Au pairs to register.

After registration, how do I get work?

All you have to do is check your email regularly for messages from Best Nannies parents. Families can email you or book you directly for an occasional work, then you reply directly to the parents or accept their bookings. If we have a Part time/Full time or Au pair position available Best Nannies will send you and email with more details and job description. You just consider if is it the right position for you and if so, you just express your interest and we arrange an interview for you if we think you are the suitable candidate.

What is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

A nanny is usually an experience person, employed during the day and have sole charge of the children. She is responsible for the day to day activities / care of the children eg.
A babysitter is classified as someone who typically takes care of children after working hours (from 6 pm). Their main role is caring for the children and the dinner / bedtime routine

What requirements are there for this type of work?

We strongly recommend getting a Police Check, if you will be driving children as part of your job, having Working with Children Check is necessary, First Aid Certificate and references will definitely enhance your chances of getting a job. Parents are looking for sitters who possess experience, are trustworthy, loving, caring and responsible. We also ask that you check your email regularly and update your profile and your availability to ensure you get the right requests for your needs, also reply to every email to the families, whether it is a yes or no.

How do I decide the rates for my services?

You set your own rates on your profile, based on your qualifications, skills and experience. Rates may also vary according to the duties required and the location.During the day expect to earn between $20/hr (few responsibilities) to over $28/hr (or more for experienced nannies),it helps to research on websites or by talking to other professionals in your area. Your hourly rate quoted online should be 'gross' (including tax).

What kind of work I can apply for?

It depends what are you looking for and how flexible you are. You can work as a Part time/Full time nanny, Au pair, evening babysitter or just occasional nanny, weekend nanny or before/after school care. If you are not sure what option is the best for you, feel free to call us and we would be happy to explain or make recommendations.

I am only free certain days / nights, what should I do?

Simply set your availability in your calendar to show the days you are available to work. When your days or times change, just log in and change your availability, easy!

What does „Registered Carer“ mean?

This is when you are registered with the Family Assistance Office. Some families may be able to claim a benefit if they use registered care. You register through the Family Assistance Office and must meet certain requirements (be 18+, have a Tax File Number, meet any licensing requirements in your state). For more information call the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

Are my personal details kept confidential?

Your personal details (surname, address, phone, email) are strictly confidential, all emails are sent via the Best Nannies site so your personal email address and mobile number is not given out until the family makes a booking, then your contact details become visible to them to be able to contact you.

Can I choose to work with specific age group?

Yes of course. When registering you can select the age groups you prefer to work with.

Do I need to have a car?

No, not necessarily but it can be a bonus, if you have a driving licence and feel confident to drive, as sometimes parents require you to drive their children.

How many families can I work for?

As many as you like! Often babysitters or nannies have 3 or 4 families on their list. We don't set any rules - it is up to you to choose the families you wish to work for and how to manage your time.

Online safety: What shall I do if I think a job listing is suspicious?

If you've spotted a job that seems suspicious or doesn’t seem quite right, we encourage you to let us know.
Please contact us with the details of the member and we’ll investigate accordingly.